Yay! This is our first blog…. and you can do it too (-;

This blog here is intended as an informal place for us — at Wave Street Studios — to share with you, what we are up to.

If you are interested in having your own blog, if you want to be part of our Community Portal, then we are happy to set up a blog for you as well and help you to get started.


There is success and synchronicity when we meet each other in an authentic way.

“Be the change you want to see in the world” is the natural discovery that the Universe reflects to us our own inner atmosphere. We want to generously share with the ones who might appreciate it.


Recent Posts:

MontereyScene.com — Improvisational

Structure Supports Spontaneity! We are working on something great, again (-; Improvisational Performances debuts on Friday 08/18/2017 from 6:00 pm ...
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Your Garden In Pacific Grove?

Holger: Saturday afternoon... Rhett -- the founder and director at Wave Street Studios -- invited me to join him, to ...
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catalyst: cat·a·lyst (kăt’l-ĭst)
– A substance, usually used in small amounts
relative to the reactants, that modifies and increases
the rate of a reaction without being consumed in the process.
– One that precipitates a process or event,
especially without being involved in or changed by the consequences.


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